Do you have any puppies available?

No, we do not have any puppies available.  Cinder was bred the week of July 20 and we expect puppies in Mid-September. To be placed on the waiting list please visit our Waiting List FAQ and Questionnaire

Do you have any older puppies or adults available?

No, the only way we would have older puppies/adults is if we had one returned for any reason.  If this were to happen, we would advertise that we have one available.  We do not rehome our retired girls, they are part of the family.

How much are the puppies?

Puppies are $600 which includes a non-refundable $150 deposit

Can I send you a deposit to hold a future puppy?

No, the only time I take deposits is when there are live puppies on the ground.  I will not hold your money for a puppy that may never come.  You can, however, be placed on our waiting list. 

Do you have {insert color here} puppies?

We typically have black/tan/white tri-colors.  We have had quite a few brown/tan/white tri-colors in Aurora's litters. We have had one tan/white puppy.  We have never had a lemon.  A lemon and a tan/white are not the same.  We have had no other colors.  I cannot guarantee any number of any color in any litter.

Can I come visit your facility?

Yes, visitors are always welcome.  However, my "facility" is my home, and unless I have a litter, it is not set up for puppies.  You can meet the adults, but you wouldn't be able to see the puppy box or anything like that.  Also, because it is my home, we need advance notice that you'd like to stop by as we may be out or have other things going on.