Date of Breeding April 17 & 18, 2013
Whelp Date June 16, 2013
Ready By August 11, 2013

"The Lost Litter"

Dam/Sire Briar Rose Aurora Borealis "Aurora" Briar Rose Lost Little Junior "Junior"
Whelped May 13, 2010 October 4, 2004
Coloring Black/Tan/White Tri-Color Black/Red/White Tri-Color
Pedigrees Aurora's Pedigree Junior's Pedigree
About AKC Registered Beagle, energetic, Field Champion bloodlines.  Great with kids and other animals. Slightly less independent nature than most beagles. AKC Registered Beagle, sweet and energetic, great with kids and other animals.  Great hunter.  Much stockier than Aurora, with a better muzzle,  should help to put some build on the pups.



9:41pm - 1st pup  female   black/tan/white   9.1oz

10:12pm - 2nd pup  female  brown/tan/white   9.5oz

10:39pm - 3rd pup  female     black/tan/white   8.9oz

11:21pm - 4th pup    male   black/tan/white     9.2oz

12:33am - 5th pup    female   black/tan/white     8.5oz

12:36am - 6th pup    female   black/tan/white     9.2oz

Final Count: 1 male, 5 females, 6 total

Meet the puppies!

Scarlett Coco
Kat Boone
Venus Star