'Briar Rose Belle of the Ball'

Born 04/04/06

A 15" Red/Tan/White beagle with ticking, our foundation bitch.  She is from Field Champion lines with a few Show Champions further back in her pedigree.  While dominant with other females, she has a good temperament and gets along well with all creatures. 

Regarding her health:

I rarely, if ever, have to clean her ears. She had a slight heart murmur as a young (6 weeks) puppy, that cleared up on it's own by the time she was 8 weeks.  Her grandfather developed a mild murmur at age 10 that did not slow him down and he passed peacefully at age 12.  She had a mild case of cherry eye that would come and go from about a year of age to about 3 years of age, it has not shown up since then.  Out of 23 puppies, one has had a mild case of cherry eye, and one has had a more severe case that needed to be fixed.  Also as a young puppy she had a slight flea sensitivity that caused her to scratch constantly if she even got one flea, flea preventative kept them off of her and she has never had an issue since then.  One of her puppies also had the sensitivity as a young puppy.

  Belle is now RETIRED


'Briar Rose Aurora Borealis'

Born 05/13/10

A 13" Black/Tan/White beagle, and the daughter of Belle.  She has a great temperament and loves to run and jump.  She has been started in tracking and is currently working towards earning her TD title.  She had her first litter in June 2013 and is currently our only breeding bitch. 

Regarding her health:

Her ears have had to be cleaned a few times but are never particularly dirty.  She has not had any health issues.  Her 2012 Thyroid and Heart tests came back with good results, we are awaiting the results of this year's tests where we will also add in Hip.  The results will be posted as we get them.