Please provide the answers to the following questions in an email:



City, State:


1.  Why do you want a beagle?  What do you want or expect from your beagle?  What are your plans for him?


2.  Do you have experience with beagles, or have you owned one in the past?


3.  Do you have the necessary time and money to properly care for a beagle, now and in the long range future? (Remember, the average beagle lives between 12-15 years!)


4.  What kind of home can you provide? (Note: beagles should be housed indoors only unless they are part of a hunting pack kept in comfortable outdoor housing with other dogs.)


5.  Do you have any other pets or children in the home? If so, what type of pets and how old are the children?


6.  Do you have a fenced-in yard, patio, or safe enclosure for a beagle?


7.  How many hours a day are you home?  Do you have time to care for your beagle including playtime and daily walks?


8.  Do you plan to take your beagle with you on trips and vacations?  If not, who will care for  him while you are away?


9.  Do you have a gender preference, and if so, are you willing to take the opposite sex if none are available?


10.  Do you promise to contact The Beagle Corner immediately in the event you are no longer able to keep or care for your beagle?