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About Us

The Beagle Corner is a small kennel located near Dallas, Texas that specializes in happy, healthy purebred beagle puppies.  Our dogs are selected for temperament, health, and of course eye appeal.

Our dogs have reign over our well sized yard, and are very well socialized. Fresh water is always available, and they eat on a schedule. Puppies are socialized daily, and monitored for health status.  By weaning, they will have had all expected veterinary procedures, including first vaccination and multiple dewormings. Puppies will have veterinary health certificates just prior to being old enough to leave our home.

We also insist that at any time, if a buyer decides they can no longer care for their puppy, they offer back to us, first, and we will either keep it, or assist them in finding a new home for it. We do not want our dogs to end up in shelters.

We feed our dogs RAW, as we feel it is the most natural and best thing you can feed your dogs. Dogs are carnivores and need meat; they do not process grains and plant matter very well.  We understand this diet is not for everyone, so if you feed kibble please make sure it is meat-based, containing different types of protein. It would be best if it contains no corn, wheat, soy, grain fractions or fillers and is naturally preserved.  We strongly advise against any food that is grain-based, having corn, for instance, as any of the first 3 ingredients, and preferably not as any of the first 8. Dogs do not digest the grain very well, causing them to need to be fed more and resulting in larger stools.


Beagles are a loving, intelligent breed that, because of their intelligence, may be harder to train than other breeds. Often times, this is misconstrued that the beagle is not very smart, when in reality, it is far more likely the beagle has become bored with whatever you were doing. If you keep them interested, they are very easily trained. Their mind is always working, looking for things to sniff and do.. and oh yes.. eat. Beagles are very food motivated, and will do most anything for a treat. However, because of their love for food, they have a tendency to overeat. You should never free feed a beagle. They will get overweight and possibly obese. Obesity leads to many other health problems, so please, keep an eye on their weight. Your vet will be able to tell you, based on height, etc, the ideal weight for your beagle.

The average life span of a beagle is 12-15 years, they have short hair, and are light to average shedders. While beagles are a very healthy purebred dog, they can have some common health problems, as can all breeds. Conditions sometimes seen in beagles include cherry eye, obesity, and ear infections. Other more rare problems include epilepsy and arthritis. Because beagles are often used in lab testing (due to their good nature even under poor circumstances, and small size), a great deal is known about their health when compared to other breeds.

Beagles are a pack oriented species, needing interaction either with their human pack, or with other dogs. They will not do well if left alone for long hours every day and will resort to chewing, barking, and howling, simply out of boredom. They have been bred for hunting small game, such as rabbits, and are known for their fierce loyalty to the hunt, following their nose until they're exhausted. Because of this, most beagles are not trustworthy off-leash. They are also master escape artists, so a proper beagle-proof yard is needed.

They are very sociable animals and get along with most any person or animal, tolerating children very well. If you have any questions about beagles, feel free to ask. If we don't know the answer, we will help you find it!