Prices include all shots/wormers as appropriate for their age. We ask for a $150 non-refundable deposit to hold your puppy, and the final amount is due before you can pick it up.

We no longer offer shipping for our puppies.  While we have a cam where people can see the puppies, we firmly believe that a person should interact with their puppy in person at least once before taking it home, including seeing the facilities and meeting the relatives of the puppy.

We are willing to meet you somewhere for delivery of the puppy if our gas/hotel costs are covered; but prefer if you have met the puppy previously.

Due to an increase in stud fees and cost of health tests, the price of the puppies has increased from last year.

Our Beagles are $600.


We accept cash, credit cards and Zelle; if we have not received your deposit in 24 hours, we will offer the puppy to the next person in line. We can not turn potential buyers down without having your deposit.

Payment in full is expected at pick up if the final payment is in cash or card. You can also send a check 2 weeks prior to the puppy leaving. Puppies will not be released until payment clears. Cash payment at the time of pickup is just fine, and is what most people do.

What comes with your puppy?

The puppies get their first puppy shots when they are eight weeks old, however, we would prefer to wait until they are 9 weeks old and away from their mother.  Please refer to our Preferred Vaccination Schedule on when to give subsequent doses.  We also give our puppies dewormer once every 2 weeks, beginning at three weeks of age. A shot/medical record will be provided when you purchase your puppy, as well as your AKC paperwork.

Each puppy comes with a Puppy Kit that includes:

Short-term health:

Buyers have 72 hours from the time of purchase/exchange of hands to have the puppy inspected by a licensed veterinarian (at buyer's expense). If a puppy is determined to have an unacceptable health problem by the buyer's veterinarian in that time frame that will significantly affect its long-term quality of life and which is confirmed by the seller's veterinarian, the buyer may return the puppy at the buyer's expense. In the event of a puppy death in this time, a veterinary report from the veterinarian treating/examining the puppy must be submitted to our veterinarian for inspection. A refund or a trade for a different puppy of the same gender and approximate price will be arranged.

No refunds/reimbursements for travel costs or health care are offered.

Long-term health:

Our dogs are all healthy and as far as we know are free of genetic health problems. However, if a puppy develops a genetic health problem within one year of its birth that significantly and negatively affects its long-term quality of life (such as hip dysplasia or epilepsy), diagnosed by the buyer's licensed veterinarian within that first year of age and that is confirmed with the seller's veterinarian, we want to resolve the issue with you. If both veterinarians agree that the condition was genetic, we may be able to offer a refund, or to trade a different puppy of similar price and gender. Buyer would pay travel and veterinary costs.

Any medicating or care of any kind that the buyer provides the puppy will be at the buyer's expense. The buyer may choose to provide medical care or to euthanize a critically ill puppy. The Beagle Corner will not reimburse for medical care.

Refunds/exchanges are only given for puppies determined to have an unsoundness/unhealthiness that will significantly affect its quality of life that was not preventable, and agreed upon by both buyer's and seller's veterinarians. Buyer would pay travel and veterinary costs.  Injuries received or preventable illnesses occurring in puppies after leaving The Beagle Corner do not apply to this guarantee.


We try to predict puppy color accurately, but with some colors (especially lemon, tan, and red), it is difficult to be 100% correct while puppies are young. We do not guarantee that the color we predict will be correct at the puppy's maturity, and offer no refunds if the color is not correct.

Before they leave:

Our puppies are kept in a boxed off area, containing a sleeping place, a playing and eating place, and a potty place. We strongly believe that potty training should begin at the breeder, therefore, when you get your puppy, they should already have a knowledge that they do not potty where they sleep and play. We recommend crate training when you take them home.

Starting at 4-5 weeks old, the puppies are allowed to play on the porch and in the yard, getting them used to grass, concrete, gravel, and other substrates. Properly socializing your puppy to various textures, sounds, people, etc will help immensely in the temperament of the adult dog. This begins at the breeder. All puppies will have lots of cuddle and people time, both alone and with their littermates.