1.  How do I get placed on the Waiting List?

Send me an email to be considered for my Waiting List.  Please have the answers to the questions found on the Questionnaire in your email.  Please also include any questions you may have.  I will typically respond to your email within 24 hours.  Email or a message on our facebook page is the best method of initial contact.  Please also specify if you have a gender preference, otherwise it will be assumed you will take either sex.

2.  How and when do I send my deposit?

Once your Questionnaire is received and you are approved, and there are live puppies on the ground, I will send you an email requesting your deposit; please make sure you are able to access your email in a timely fashion so that others behind you are not having to wait to see if they get a puppy as well.  You will only have 24 hours to respond to my email to arrange for payment before you lose your spot. 

Zelle will be the preferred method of payment.  If you prefer not to use Zelle, I can take your credit card information and the fees associated with this will be added to the total cost of the puppy.  I can also accept cash in person if you are able to deliver it. 

3.  What if I don't respond to your email in time?

If you miss your window to respond for your deposit, you will be placed at the bottom of the list.  If by chance it comes back around to you, you will have a second opportunity to send your deposit.  I cannot keep others waiting for days to find out if they will be getting a puppy.

6.  I sent my deposit, when do I get to choose my puppy?

Once the puppies reach 7 weeks of age, you will be able to choose your puppy in order of deposit receipt.  I will work with you in those seven weeks to determine which puppy is best suited for your lifestyle.  Those with other dogs or children will need to honestly assess the temperaments/age of them to help me in assisting you with placing the right puppy in your home.  You can watch the puppies on Facebook everyday, and , after they are 3 weeks old you may come visit them in person to get to know each puppy.

7.  Why do I have to wait until they are 7 weeks old to choose my puppy?

As the breeder, I always have first pick of any puppy out of any litter.  At 7 weeks old I do aptitude testing on the puppies and I will wait until that time to decide whether I will be keeping one of them.  I apologize for the inconvenience, however, to truly evaluate each puppy on it's merits genetically, as a tracker/hunter/show potential and possible future of my lines, as well as how well they would fit into my pack, or yours, I need to know the results of the aptitude test which will be performed when the puppies are exactly 49 days old.  I appreciate your understanding in this matter.

8. What do I do if I have more questions?

Email me!